deck stain

The Best Timbers For Decking

Dozens of different flooring materials are available in Victoria today, including composite lumber, plastic flooring, and imported hardwoods. If you choose not to paint your deck, remember to apply a clear UV-blocking wood preservative every two to three years to improve water resistance and discourage inspections. Pressure treated lumber is the best timber for outdoor […]

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fat transfer procedures

What is involved in a Fat Transfer Procedure?

One of the most well-known surgical procedures today is the fat transfer procedure. Also known as a fat injection or fat grafting procedure, it involves the transfer of fat from places where there is excess fat deposits o and then injected in places where there is a lower distribution of fat. These include fat transfer […]

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Steam engine

Oil or Oil-free air compressors?

Air compressor oil is formulated only for air compressor use. It has many essential functions, some of which include cooling the compressor, acting as a sealant and lubricating the compressor. If you don’t have air compressor oil, then your air compressor is going to heat up quickly and cause it to overheat. Many compressors that […]

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IVF Gender Selection

Dealing with IVF Side Effects

Dealing with infertility might be a painful experience and choosing the In vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment has its risks. Usually, the IVF is a preferred assisted reproductive technology because it is rare for side effects to arise. In this article, we shall explain how women can deal with the side effects of IVF medication. Understanding […]

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Smart homes

Sustainable and SMART solutions for an ageing house

When you are growing old in your home, you don’t realise your home is getting old too! It is always good to keep an eye on the damages that happen to your home due to years of use to the structure or the interior of the house. There are many ways your house could get […]

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lady hote;

Hotel Tech Trends For 2019

Starting the new year, it’s important to know what technology is circulating in the hospitality industry to stay ahead of the game and ensure your hotel is on trend with up and coming technology trends to ensure you’re improving the guest experience and increasing your bookings! Whether you are buying Property Management System (PMS), reservation […]

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action adult affection 339620

Avoiding Injury with Age

Ageing is a natural process and can be a smooth process if the person has lived a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle will lead to lesser problems in age which automatically means a more fluid and relaxed life. Ageing can be a beautiful time if one is healthy as you can enjoy the time and […]

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health surgery

New Liposuction Science and Technology

Who would oppose to disposing of unwanted fats? The especially tough fat that doesn’t cooperate with your balanced diet and regular, frequent exercise. Liposuction is a type of surgery to take out unwanted fat, and keeping in mind that the treatment itself has been around for quite a long time, there are now some new […]

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The Science Behind Laser Skin Treatments

A laser skin treatment is a relatively new technology that practitioners have just recently begun utilising. It’s when the surgeons use lasers (comprising carbon dioxide) to vaporise your skin’s upper layers, so thus enabling a fresh coat of skin to emerge. The technique is often utilised to fine tune wrinkles and respective facial lines, particularly […]

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