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Avoiding Injury with Age

Ageing is a natural process and can be a smooth process if the person has lived a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle will lead to lesser problems in age which automatically means a more fluid and relaxed life. Ageing can be a beautiful time if one is healthy as you can enjoy the time and relax as you are most likely to have finished all your responsibilities of bringing up your children and can now spend on yourself. If you have your partner with you during this ageing process, life is more beautiful. If you want to enjoy this beautiful ageing process, follow these five tips.

1. De-clutter your house:

One of the main problems of old age is falling down. Fall prevention should be considered a priority when setting up an aged care home. One fall when ageing can trigger multiple problems such as fracture and aches which in some cases makes the person bedridden or wheelchair-bound. One of the main reasons for falling is the clutter in the house. If all those things that you have collected or bought over the years are still lying around in the house, most of which are unused, it is definitely time for de-cluttering your house. Once you reach a certain age past your retirement, it is recommended to do a complete clean-up of the house to get rid of old things and make the house as clutter-free as possible. This will give you enough space to move around so that there are lesser chances of falling by tripping or hitting on something.

2. Get your eyes checked regularly:

There are high chances of people developing cataracts when ageing and there is a very good chance that cataracts are a reason for you to not be able to see well.
The cataracts problem can be easily solved through laser treatment so you do not have to unnecessarily struggle with eyesight problems or distractions. Even if it is some other problem where you need to get your glasses changed, it is better to do it regularly to avoid further deterioration the of eyes. Not being able to see properly also could be the reason for someone falling down and by getting eyes checked regularly this can be avoided and prepared for to an extent.

3. Check for hearing problems:

It is very natural to develop hearing problems once you start ageing. When the hearing problem reaches a point when it starts hindering your daily activities, it is time to get hearing aids. If you are walking on the road and if you can’t hear a vehicle nearby, there are chances of an accident occurring and such things can be avoided through eye tests.

4. Get Support:

Nobody likes to be dependent, but certain times you cannot avoid it. If you
have certain problem where you have difficulty in walking, it is better to use any type of walking stick. You can start with a regular walking stick which you just lean on for support and can move on to a tripod walking stick or even a walker if needed. It is better to use such support systems than falling down and causing more injuries. Support can go further than a walking stick, support can include a loved one taking you to appointments with specialists such as your skin doctor or even the support of medical equipment sales when an aged person can’t afford to invest long-term in a piece of health equipment.

5. Take your medicines regularly:

Sometimes the reason for accidents can be credited to low blood sugar or
low blood pressure. You are more in need at old age for these medicines than when you were younger. You are likely to feel more problems if you miss a dose than earlier. Use a tablet organiser or some sort of reminder service to help you remember to take your required medicine and the correct doses. Also go for regular health check-ups to diagnose any problems early on. Osteoporosis is another problem which can cause falling and regular check-up can help you identify such problems and lead you to taking all necessary precautions as needed.

Ageing is something we all do, from being a new born to establishing our own families. It is the lifestyle we live that will affect how drastically we age and how our bodies respond to it. There are certain things that you may not be able to avoid by simply just having a healthy lifestyle, so this list has been compiled to inform anyone entering this process on the best things to do to avoid any issues. The important thing is that we all enjoy our lives and the ageing process, there is no need for hiccups or interruptions. Prioritise happiness, comfort and safety and your experience of ageing will be one of ease.

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