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Hotel Tech Trends For 2019

Starting the new year, it’s important to know what technology is circulating in the hospitality industry to stay ahead of the game and ensure your hotel is on trend with up and coming technology trends to ensure you’re improving the guest experience and increasing your bookings!

Whether you are buying Property Management System (PMS), reservation management application, availability and rates technology or some additional resources, here are three tips to remember when assessing potential alternatives to your current technology for 2019:

The Cloud-Based Tech (CBT)

If you have been utilizing the exact same PMS for the past ten or fifteen years, it is likely that it has been your useful (if obsolete) sidekick where all of your forthcoming reservations, revenue data and pricing background lives.

So it is understandable if you are loathing to change from everything you know because of prospective expenses or time limitations. But in regards to making the switch, the pros definitely outweigh the disadvantages.

Changing to CBT — software that stores everything on the internet — is considerably more effective, as it permits you to upgrade your crucial data effortlessly in 1 go and lowers the demand for manual maintenance of numerous systems.

Additionally, moving onto the cloud-based systems today will future-proof your organization in the long run, and that means you will be prepared for whatever technological modifications which arrive from the following years to come.

Look To Embrace ‘Connected’ Tech

It is too easy to characterise lodging proprietors that still handle bookings manually as”backward”. For many, it is only a case of not entirely trusting the tech as they still use a paper journal as a backup copy to their digital journal,  or for some — they just haven’t found the ideal technology for their demands.

Really, not all technologies are 100% clever. As an example, imagine if you embraced an automatic check-in program which, on the surface of it, does its job — allows guests check in liberally — but then afterwards you realise it does not connect to your bookings system. This kind of program wouldn’t be that useful should you still need to manually indicate guests as having arrived.

Adopting technology should consistently make your job more efficient and your company more profitable. Whenever you are searching around for a solution…

Start Looking for one that:

  • Easily links to other programs
  • Prioritises connectivity (enables you to examine it jointly with your present technology )
  • Has a simple, one-click integration with your current tech

The Seamless Booking Experience

The modern traveller is linked to technology during each stage of the trip, from trip planning to checking in. That means that they anticipate their accommodation to be linked, also. Consider creating  Hotel Packages tailored to your location from Hobart to Hoi An, this will allow guests to book and have they stay fully organised. This means they won’t have to worry about a thing as soon as they check in.

To meet this growing need, it is important to put yourself in the shoes of a traveller. You could create an app so that they can check in directly through that and furthermore, create a messaging technology within the app so that instead of waiting on the line for the concierge desk, guests can ask questions directly through the app. It is crucial that you use the ideal technologies to make their trip seamless — and keep the administrative processes as easy as possible.

If you want to make sure that your hotel is aggressive, provides excellent in-stay adventures and future-proof your accommodation, be sure to embrace new technology solutions is among your organisations new year’s resolutions. From cosy smaller hotels to waterfront accommodation it is extremely important for all hospitality businesses.


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