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Types of First Aid Training

Today, there are different kinds of first aid training courses, and they are open to practically anyone interested in taking part. However, before anyone can make a final decision as to which type of first aid training you are going to go for. First aiders are very important in different areas, but as there are various types of first aid training, you need to choose the correct kind of training to get the best of it all.

First aiders are useful in various places. This is because whenever medical assistance is needed urgently, emergency services may not come on time. An ambulance can come late, and in a case where the difference between life and death in a few minutes, something else is needed to save lives, and that is precisely where first aid comes into the picture. A first aider can quickly offer CPR after he or she has completed a first aid CPR course, and this can make the victim live longer pending when the paramedics come onto the scene. In other words, it is the first aiders who maximize the chances of survival and recovery.

But that said, there are other things that a first aider can help with apart from cases of heart attacks. There are other instances where they are also equally very helpful. A good illustration is when someone has obstruction of the airways. If there is no remedy, the person can die in a matter of a few minutes. Some other instances, like loss of blood, suffocation, and even shock, can also lead to death in a matter of minutes. The same thing applies to other cases like burns or even acid attacks. Only a first aider knows precisely what to do in those first few minutes in terms of treatment so that lives can be saved.

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First aiders can give the best treatment so that when medical emergency treatment comes up, later on, the victim can benefit the best of it. So, that point that is being made here is that the first aider is the one who will make the real difference when it comes to situations of life and death.

So back to the kinds of first aid training available out there, there are two principal kinds for all kinds of workplace. These include emergency first aid at work training, and the second one is first aid at work training. The first one is best described as a level 2 first aid qualification, and it is typically provided in 24 hours.

As for the first aid at work training, it is a more comprehensive kind of first aid training. It is best described as level three first aid qualification, and the provision is typically in 72 hours. So in all, the two first aid training courses stated above are available to anyone who wants to have all the relevant first aid skills. As for the first one, it is ideal for those who work in areas with minimal risks, while the latter is best for those who work in places with maximal risks.

If you need to have first aid training as a requirement for a job, ensure that you enrol in the right type of first aid training that will suit the situation. You are going to be no help if you have only trained how to do CPR for adults but you are working as a school teacher. Do your research to find the right course for you.

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