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Tips: Gadget Friendly Flight

Travelling for long periods on a plane is not easy, and you have limited space. It isn’t all bad. Your carry on is your most important thing when sitting on the plane so be sure to pack not only the essentials but other items that can make your flight a little easier. From technology accessories to the cozier items here are a few gadgets to add to your packing list to ensure you have a more comfortable trip.

Business officials travelling for work purposes are recommended to follow these same tips suggested by many professional business coaches for a more positive outlook towards their journey. This is said to help them get a more relaxed perspective on the business, mixed with simple travelling pleasures.


A pair of good headphones is a must. They can help drown out that crying baby or that person who won’t stop talking. Some headphones are designed for travelling. The 1more triple driver headphones are sold for a great price and offer great performance.  These types of headphones are in earbuds that have good sound quality. However, they don’t come with active noise reduction features but provide a decent sound. It seems these may be your next travelling companion.

Neck pillow:

Now one of these is a must. There are so many options for these you will be sure to find one that is perfect for you. Sometimes it is nice to step away from technology and devices and enjoy some sleep. A neck pillow is lightweight and has velvet material, so it suits both hot and cold conditions. Most neck pillows come with complimentary earplugs or eye masks for a deep sleep.

Micro charger:

A micro charger could be the thing you have been looking for. A micro charger won’t give you enough juice to play games and watch movies etc. But can be handy when you have that last email to send, or you need to answer an email or instant message urgently.

This is a pocket-friendly solution to a drained battery. It is only 1.3 inches and tops the world’s smallest phone charger. In the case of business professionals, this truly helps in efficient time management and efficiency control in terms of working during their flight and adhering to simple deadlines.

Portable armrest:

A folding armrest/divider is specially designed for aeroplanes. It is foldable and features widget clamps over the current armrest that will then double the sections space. This means you and the person beside you can have your own armrest.

This gadget can fit on most armrests even cinema seats and can easily fold down to store away.

Foot hammock:

Nothing better than a footrest when you are in a confined space. They come with adjustable straps, so all you need to do is loop it around the table in front, put your feet in it and choose the desired length that suits you. This footrest can help people who suffer swelling and circulation problems helping to make your trip a little more worthwhile.

The Airtray:

Passengers who hate feeling cramped and would like to increase their window seat area by 30% need the airtray. This tray will help you to stay organised during your flight, and it can fold away and get packed in your bag. All you need to do is insert it in the window shade track and then there you have it a non-slip tray to place your drinks, books or mobile phone on for easy access.

No matter where you are travelling to travel in style. A few small and affordable gadgets can have you feeling more comfortable for the journey ahead.


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