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Advances in Home Technology

As technology advances, lots of cool devices are being designed to adorn every home and change people’s lifestyle. These latest home technologies are not only fanciful, but they also provide quick solutions to daily needs and problems. More so, they come with improved functions and simple design to reduce work time, human effort, and to conserve space. Here are a few of the latest advancement in home technology:

Robot vacuum cleaners

Floor cleaning and vacuuming may be a tedious task. More so, there are times you may be running late and can’t manage to clean the floor. However, floor cleaning and vacuuming are now made more comfortable with the Deebot robotic vacuum cleaners (D77). D77 is a 3-D home cleaning solution with smart technology to detect and navigate obstacles. The device automatically cleans the floors and also automatically empties its waste bin. A fantastic thing about this device is that it has an intelligent time scheduling feature. This means you can pre-set the device to clean your floors even when you are not around. For example, effective time and money management in proven with Robot vacuum cleaners in a city like Melbourne, where most of the population spends their time at work and look forward to having an effortless evening once they’re back home.

Wireless LED Lighting System

Gone are the days when you have to use the wall switches to trigger your bulbs on and off. With the latest wireless LED lighting system, lighting your home has now become so convenient. The wireless LED lighting system enables you to switch the bulbs on or off using your smart devices. The light bulbs can be remotely are controlled using a mobile app installed on your smart device via a Wi-Fi bridge.  You can also schedule the light bulbs to turn on or off with your smart device. The bulbs are a quality energy saver LED, which are ideal for homes. The importance of this investment will reveal itself in the long term where convenience will overpower traditional methods of access.


Smart Faucet

This intelligent water faucet uses a proximity sensor to lock and release water, i.e. once your hand go under the faucet it releases water, and once you withdraw your hand, it stops. It helps to save water and conserves water sources. The smart faucet also conserves energy with its intelligent design. The most important benefit of this device is that it improves hygiene and prevents contamination, as you wouldn’t need to touch the faucet valves to lock and release water. The smart faucet is inexpensive and is best suited for the disabled, the elderly, and children.

Wireless speakers

Aside from the fact that wireless speakers can be controlled from an app installed on your smart device, they can also be placed or hanged anywhere you wish in your home. Hence, wireless speakers enhance your music pleasure. With the wireless speakers, you can play your favourite music right from any smart device as long as it has the app installed. More so, through the app, you can play songs from the iTunes library or any other streaming services. Wireless speakers come with compact designs that conserve space, give your interior a classy look, and improve the curb appeal of your home.

LG ThinQ Refrigerator

LG ThinQ Refrigerator is a super-capacity, 3-door refrigerator with an 8″ Wi-Fi LCD touchscreen monitor. The refrigerator comes with an impressive design that offers ample storage options like Serve and Glide drawer. The touchscreen monitor interacts with apps installed on your smart device – Food Manager and Grocery App. The monitor serves two purposes – an information server and a controller, which enables you to easily keep an inventory of all items kept in the refrigerator. The LG ThinQ Refrigerator is a low energy-consumption device, which is ideal for your home.

Eco Dish Cleaner

This device ionises the food particles on dirty dishes using ultrasonic waves. The Eco Dish Cleaner is indeed eco-friendly as it converts the waste food particles on dirty plates into reusable compost for plants. It is portable, compact, and can also be powered by a battery. Aside from electrical power, solar technology can also be used to charge the battery. This gadget will help you to meet the demands of modern life.

All these devices listed above are the latest advancement in home technology that will make your stay at home less stressful buy more enjoyable.



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