How To Install A Tailgate Damper

Factory tested for durability, our One-Way Damper Kit provides reliable, soft-ass help in opening your tailgate. Our One-Way Damper Kit lowers the effective weight of the tailgate while opening, providing a safer, more comfortable way into the bed of your truck, without heavy, uncontrolled drops and bangs. Our One-Way Damper Kit helps users easily open their tailgates — particularly helpful for single-handed operations while loading and unloading freight in and out of your truck’s load zone. Tailgate lifting assistance with handles also makes opening and closing the tailgate easier, particularly when loading heavy equipment.


Installing tailgate lifter for utes also helps to keep the value of your vehicle. Adding one of these tailgate lift assists to your truck could make it more durable and comfortable for loading and hauling needs. Tailgate lift assists are typically made from high-quality steel materials, and many kits come with all of the tools needed to install them. It allows your tailgate to be opened slowly and quietly, and installation requires only one strut to be lifted from either side.


Since Gorilla Lift is attached to your truck’s bed and tailgate via a drill, you can use it with any model with a hollow truck bed. Forget the banging and bobbing of the tailgate on a truck once you install the Gorilla Lift. The Dee Zee DZ43200 Truck Tailgate Assist is unique because it fits FORD F150 04-14.


For those with tight budgets who want to get a rear-gate assist for their Ford model, Gorilla Lift may be a good alternative. This is a pickup truck tailgate assist that is compatible with Ford versions but comes at a much cheaper price. Vehicles without the factory tailgate cables would be best to use Gorilla Lift for. For instance, if your car does not have any tailgate cables installed, then you need to purchase the Tailgate Assist, which works both as a dampener and a tailgate cable.


Adding this DeeZee Retrofit Model to your truck, you are taking some of the pressure off your cables and the hinge points without them falling off free-fall. Simply installing this in a 2005-2014 F-150 will give you the option of being able to drop your rear gate in with just one hand, and you will not need to worry about that big slam when it goes down. Installing this Tailgate Lift Assist Kit uses the same existing vehicle screw holes, so no drilling will be required on your vehicle.


Some tailgate seal kits need a few extra steps during the installation, including drilling new holes. Some tailgate lift assists come with weight limits, which you will want to meet at least to a minimum with your previous latch weight. Most new trucks come equipped with tailgate lift assists at the factory, but that is not true of older ones. You may want to mount your tailgate first, and then have your bedsides cut out appropriately.


You will need to drill two holes, one in the truck bed and the other at the base of the gate. With the bolt-on install, you do not even need to drill through the tailgate during the installation. To install a new gas strut, like an EZ Down Tailgate Strut, you first need to remove some of your bolts. Now that you have removed the old struts and bolts, you will now want to remove the tailgate mounting bolts for the latches.


Now, you can leave the tailgate as is, and you are done with your installation. Now, if you want to remove the struts themselves at some point, that is tough, but it is doable. It is something that, again, is just going to make using the tailgate easier.


You can see it needs to be pulled right back for removal, and for installation, it is pulled forwards so it will sit in the front of the taillights before the screws are put back in. There is an arrow on the OEM strut/damper for tailgates, which will show which ends you have to line up and secure on top of the nut. I positioned the OEM tailgate strut/damper first on the top nub, then went underneath to extend the strut and secure it to the bottom nub. Once that is installed, reconnect the taillights, grab your tailgate release button, and see the magic. The strut itself is pretty tight, on both the top and bottom, extremely so, but you can pull this off with a little flathead hammer or something, unclip and it is free. That will close my Barricade Tailgate Assist Review & Installation on F150s from the 15th & New F150. The strut itself is tight, and the top and bottom are extremely tight, but you can use a small flat head or a pick or something, pull that out, unsnap, and it will be loose. That is going to wrap up my review and installation for the Barricade Tailgate Assist for the 15 and newer F150. The strut is nice, it is tucked in there nicely as you close the rear gate, does not interfere with closing the rear gate at all, and just lets the rear gate drop-down, down very slowly, just lets it drop, again, you know that can really, really slam the rear gate, and that is potentially unsafe, and it could also cause the truck and tailgate to break off, really fast, it could also cause the truck and tailgate to break off, really quick, it could also cause the rear end to break off, it is really, it does not interfere with your rear gate, it does not interfere with your rear gate, it is very slow, just lets your rear gate go, just lets your rear gate down, just lets your rear gate down, it is hand-free. Again, if you are used to pulling your rear gate, it could potentially hurt, and can also cause the truck and tailgate itself.


A falling tailgate could cause damage to the mounting brackets, the bed, your truck’s body, body, or the tailgate itself. You can generally opt for either a one-piece or two-piece system, which may lessen the vibrations associated with forcefully opening and closing the tailgate.


Aftermarket tailgate braces are thus your best option for any truck from the prior generation, as well as replacing the worn-out brace on any truck. The Dee Zee Tailgate Assist works with the stock rear-end cables, and all of the extra gear that is needed to install it properly is included, along with easy-to-follow instructions.


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